Tuition Letter 2018-19 (PDF)
Tuition Agreement Form 2018-19 (PDF)


Smart Tuition Plan is an automatic payment plan that provides parents with a convenient and a low-cost way to budget tuition payments.  Equally important, it removes the school from the direct bill collecting process.

NEW families:

CURRENT families-to access your existing account


1) Full tuition payment on August 1 (2% discount) through Smart Tuition.
2) Ten or twelve month payment option through Smart Tuition beginning on July 1.

If the Smart Tuition account becomes past due after the first month, a notice will be sent. The payment is due within seven days after receipt of the notice. If payment is not possible, an appointment with the Principal is necessary to discuss the situation.

To access your Smart Tuition account, click the Smart Tuition icon below or call 1-888-868-8828.





Our complete Tuition policy is available to all.

Fundraising Fees and Buy-out

Option 1: In lieu of participating in fundraising activities, each year a family may make a one-time “buy-out” payment to the school by August 1.

Option 2: For the convenience of families, a variety of events will be specifically designated as buy-out fundraisers. A family may choose one or more of these in order to meet its goal. Parents will be billed in May on their Smart Tuition account for the difference between the amount they raised and the fee set in September. Not all fundraising activities qualify as buy-out fundraisers.

The following list of fundraising activities are credited towards buy-out fees:

  • Grocery Store Gift Cards: (Shaws, Hannaford, etc.): September 1 through May 15; 5% of total sales applied towards fundraising fee
  • Scrip Gift Cards: over 200 gift certificates to local merchants, restaurants, retailers. September 1 through May 15; 2%-16% of total sales applied towards fundraising fee
  • Christmas Lottery Cards: November/December 25% of total sales applied towards fundraising fee
  • Spring Walk-a-thon: April/May 25% of funds raised applied towards fundraising fee

Buy-out fundraising activities may vary from year to year.

Before-School Fees

The Before-School Program is required of ALL students arriving at school before the regular school supervision begins. The program opens at 6:30 a.m. The students remain with the person in charge until regular school supervision starts which is 7:30am for grades 1-8, 8:05 a.m. for Kindergarten and 8:10am for PreK. The fee for the Before-School Program is $5 per child per day.

After-School Fees

Students are required to sign in, and the time is recorded when they are picked up. Any student who signs in and whose parent/guardian does not sign out will be charged the maximum daily fee.

1:45pm – 4pm is $10 per child per day
4:01pm – 6pm is $15 per child per day
After 6pm $1 extra per minute

Example: Monday & Tuesday: pick up at 3:30 will be $10.00 per day
Wednesday: pick up at 5:00 pm will be $15.00. Thursday/Friday not needed
Total weekly charge: $35.00

A full version of the Before and After School Care Program details are available in the SCHOOL LIFE section.

Registration and Billing Process:

We are excited to provide online billing through Smart Tuition this year for an annual fee of $41.00. If you pay your tuition monthly/semi-annually, you have already paid your Smart Tuition fee with your first month’s tuition payment, and will not be billed again. All other accounts will be billed directly through Smart Tuition with your first month’s Before/After Care billing.

Before/After school charges will appear on your Smart Tuition account weekly. You will have the flexibility to manually make weekly payments on your account or the after school charges will combine with your regular monthly tuition payment. We will cut off the billing on the 15th of each month and the prior 4 weeks will be due the following month. (Example: Your October payment will include charges for before/after school for weeks ending 8/28, 9/5 and 9/12.) Direct payments can be made by calling Smart Tuition at 1 (888) 868-8828 make a payment on your mobile device or send a check directly to PMA. Students with delinquent accounts will not be allowed to attend these programs until payment is made.