Winter is almost here…please read below for information regarding school delays and cancellations.
In the event that inclement weather makes it necessary to either delay the opening of school or cancel the school day, the information will be posted on WMUR – NH channel 9 or its website, or WZID – FM 95.7. Please remember to look and listen for the PMA Hudson announcement. On the WMUR website, Presentation of Mary will be listed under “P”.  PMA is listed separately from the Hudson School System. Parents can also call the school holiday/closing line at (603) 889-6054 ext. 456. Delayed school openings will be implemented when deemed appropriate. In the event that there is a delay, the Before- School Program will automatically be canceled that morning. The After-School Program will be offered in the afternoon. PLEASE AVOID CALLING THE SCHOOL FOR INFORMATION CONCERNING A WEATHER EMERGENCY. Canceled school days are made up at the end of the school year by adding 30 minutes to the school day until the missed time has been made up.


The following are the expected arrival times for students for the various delayed opening times:

Delay              Gr. 6-8        Gr. 3-5       Gr. 1-2      Pre-K & K

1 hour             8:30am       8:45am     8:55am       9:10am

90 Minute       9:00am       9:15am     9:25am       9:40am

2 hour             9:30am       9:45am      9:55am      10:10am

In most cases school will not be canceled after the school day has commenced. However, parents may pick up children early in the event of severe weather. Please call the office to request your child’s early dismissal.

Have a Smart Phone? Download the WMUR app for snow day announcements!