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12.10.2015 Concussion Awareness

As the winter season is now in full swing, I wanted to make you aware of some information we have available on our PMA website regarding concussion awareness. The link is below.

This is certainly an issue that has everyone’s attention, so I think it make sense to stay informed.

Steve Gaudreau

12.7.2015 Instructional Basketball

A reminder that Instructional Basketball will still be held next Saturday (12/12), even though the Santa Breakfast will be taking place from 9am – 11am. Please let Steve Gaudreau know if you will NOT be attending basketball.

12.7.2015 Battle of the Books Grades 4-8

Announcing Battle of the Books! Grades 4 – 8!!!!

Do you love to read? Do you wish you had more time to read fun, interesting books, and spend time discussing them with friends? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, please join us on December 17, 2015, 2:50-3:15 pm, in the library to learn more.

This year, we have expanded the program to include all of Middle School! The Middle School grades will be using a booklist for grades 7/8. Grades 4 and 5 will be using a booklist for grades 5/6, as we have done in the past.

Battle of the Books will begin in January and run through March. We will meet once a week to discuss a variety of books chosen by Battle of the Books, Battle of the Books is a reading incentive program designed to encourage students to read quality literature. It was started in the 1930’s as a radio program. Today, this program is used at an individual school level as well as at district levels. Specialists and teachers from around the country spend many hours choosing the books each year.

Please join us in the Library on December 17, 2:50pm, to learn more!

See you soon,

Mrs. Wagner, Mr. D., Mrs. DeCosta, Mrs. Deren, Mrs. Zavalick, Ms. Meehan, Mrs. Toohey and  Ms. Denise (Library)


12.1.2015 General Policy Reminders

General Car line and School Procedure Reminders

As we move further into the school year a few things have come up that need attention. Please review the following school procedures and safety reminders.
All of the below information can be found in the PMA Handbook located in the Parent Portal at

School Procedures

*All parents and visitors MUST stop at the school office upon admittance. In the instance you are dropping something off for your child (i.e. forgotten lunch) the item should be left in the school office. It is never appropriate to go directly to your child’s classroom. We ask that you refrain from dropping off forgotten items, unless it is absolutely necessary, as it interferes with class room time.

*Daily changes to your child’s after school instructions (going to car line or after school) should be communicated by sending a note into school with the student. If possible, please avoid calling the school to “remind” students, especially for the older students. However, it is understood that some changes throughout the day are unavoidable. Please feel free to call the school office with those requests.

*Please remember to use the Absentee/Tardy reporting line or email address when your child will be absent or late. Simply notifying your child’s teacher is not sufficient. You must notify the office. The phone number is 603-889-6054 ext. 455 or by email

Car Line Reminders

*PMA property has a speed limit of no more than 10 mph.

*When driving on school property, all students should remain seated in your vehicle. Please do not allow your child to hang out windows or sun roofs.

*When in car line do not pass the vehicle in front of you. Do not pull out of the line for any reason unless you are instructed to do so by a PMA staff member.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. Please feel free to contact the school by phone or email with concerns of questions at 603-889-6054 ext. 200 or