Starting May 14, 2015 Target is inviting everyone to show appreciation for their teachers by participating in their “Thanks a Billion” campaign. To show gratitude for a teacher who has had an impact on your life, you can visit Target’s Facebook page — when you share a ‘Thank You” message, Target will give $25 to a school of your choice, until Target gives away $5 million to schools! Target will donate $25 to the teacher’s school with the opportunity for each school to receive up to $25,000. Target knows it’s essential for principals and teachers to have the right resources to help their students learn and grow. Help PMA raise money by sending a message to your favorite teacher. The message has to be 140 characters or less and takes less than 30 seconds to do. Help PMA raise $25,000 toward the car line canopy!

This is the link to the Target Facebook page