Dear Seventh and Eighth Grade Parents,

I am asking for your support and prayers for Sister Cecile LeClerc, our Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Teacher. Sister Cecile is presently at Southern NH Medical Center undergoing a series of medical tests to determine the cause for her excruciating body pain. The last ten days have proven to be a real test of faith as Sister has undergone numerous tests to determine the cause of this medical condition. While the tests currently remain inconclusive, we hope and pray that she will soon return to the academy in good health.

I am happy to share with you that Mrs. Meghan Levesque, an experience certified teacher, will be the long-term substitute teacher for Sister Cecile. Mrs. Levesque will be following the lesson plans that Sister Cecile has pre-planned so that lessons are being followed according to the academic plan and scheduled timeline. I am confident that your child’s education will not be negatively impacted by this occurrence.

Please keep Sister Cecile in your prayers.


Sister Maria Rosa, pm