October lunch orders MUST be submitted into the system NO LATER than Thursday, September 24.
If you have questions regarding how to submit your order please email Kim Flint at kflint@pmaschool.org.

Ordering Procedure

Ordering is done on a monthly basis. Each month, an email will be sent with the link and the next months due date. The online system can be found in the Parent Portal at pmaschool.org/pmaorder.

Step 1: Enter the students name, Class Code and House(for Junior High students only), and payment method. If you have more than one student please pay special attention to Class Code/House and order accuracy. Switching an order from one sibling to another is not easily done with our system.
Step 2: Using the drop down menus enter the order. Use the “Add” button to enter additional items. Review your order before clicking submit.
Step 3: Click “Submit”. This will take you to a confirmation page.
Step 4: Once again, review the order for accuracy.
Step 5: Print the order and send in with your payment. If you have printing difficulties please send in your payment clearly labeled with the students name, class code and “Main Office-lunch payment”.

If you notice an error after clicking “submit”, you may re-enter the order. However, the ENTIRE order must be re-entered. You CANNOT add to your original order. If you choose to adjust your order, please start again from Step 1. It is very important that you enter the student’s name EXACTLY the same. Otherwise, the student will have more than one order in the system. To avoid having to re-enter the order please carefully review before clicking “Submit”.

It is very important to adhere to each months due date. The final week of each month is needed to prepare the proper reports for each classroom. Late orders create a lot of confusion for everyone. Additionally, all lunch orders must be submitted through the online system. Please do not plan on sending money to purchase on a daily basis. If any unforeseen circumstances arise (such as a missing lunchbox) the school will provide lunch for that child and an IOU will be sent home.

Thank you.