To: Seventh and Eighth Grade Parents

From: Sister Maria Rosa

Date: September 22, 2015

RE: Important Updates


Please read the following information as it contains important updates that affect you and your child.

1. Sr. Cecile has been diagnosed with a severe form of Lime’s Disease. She is presently at the Sisters’ rehab center in Methuen recovering from the affects the disease has had on her body.

2. Mrs. Meagan Levesque will continue to be the substitute teacher for 7th and 8th grade science and religion (grade 8).

3. Ms. Mary McManus’s, grade 8 religion teacher, is in England. Her mother passed away on Saturday. Ms. McManus will return to PMA after the funeral scheduled for October 7. Please keep Mary and her family in your prayers.

4. Mrs. Mary Ellen Messina is the substitute teacher for the religion class in Ms. McManus’s absence.

5. Mrs. Gretchen Lordan, an 8th grade science teacher in the public school, and one of our dedicated volunteer parents and cross country coach has offered to hold a SCIENCE HELP CLASS for eight graders at PMA on Wednesday afternoons from 2:35 until 3:15 pm to help students who are struggling with science. Mrs. Lordan will be available beginning next Wednesday at 2:35 pm in the Science Lab. Please let me know ASAP if your child will be attending the after school session.

6. Grade 8 Retreat: Due to the large class size, we had to change our retreat location. The retreat will take place at the PMA High School in Methuen, MA on Thursday, November 5 (after school) through Friday, November 6. Students will be bussed to and from Methuen. Parents will be asked to pick up their child at 3:00 PM on Friday, November 6 at PMA in Hudson. More information will be going about the retreat.