Hello Families!
The Parent Group is looking for baked goods to be used as prizes for our Bakery Bingo. Baked goods can be anything you’d like to bake, maybe a specialty of yours, or a fun cake, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, fudge, cake pops, breads, rice krispie bars, pies, chocolate covered strawberries, basically anything!!  We ask that you do NOT use any dish that you want returned as it won’t be returned.  If you bake something NUT FREE or GLUTEN FREE please mark the item so people will know.  You may also name your item with a fun, fancy name so people know YOU made it. Please wrap the item as a whole, these items will be on display and people will “win” the whole pie or cake or a batch of cookies etc.
We are also looking for some yummy items to sell during bingo, for those that don’t win or have a sweet tooth before they get home with their prize.  We are looking for brownies that are cut and wrapped individually, rice krispie treats wrapped individually, or cookies that are bagged depending on size maybe 2 to a bag.  We are looking to sell items for .50 cents if that helps determine how many cookies to put in a baggie.
We ask that you drop them off on Friday morning during car line, we will have PG representatives in morning car line to collect the goods.  If you are making something for us to sell please mark the item “COOKIES TO SELL” OR “BROWNIES TO SELL” etc.
If you have any questions please email PARENTGROUP@PMASCHOOL.ORG
Thank you for your help!
Chris Thompson

Presentation of Mary Academy
Parent Group Chair
182 Lowell Rd, Hudson NH 03051