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Car Line Procedure for all students (PDF)

Detailed Car Line Procedure for Kindergarten Students (PDF)

Detailed Car Line Procedure for Junior High (Grades 6-8) (PDF)

Each new school year brings along with it the perennial challenge of the car line process looming before us. Dismissal especially is one of the most taxing, patience-depleting activities during this time. We invite the parents who have mastered all the intricate details to sit back, remember your first year in carline, and chuckle a bit at your own past bewilderment, while you enjoy some extra relaxation time as you inch your way forward. New parents will soon understand the procedures by following the instructions below, and soon everything will flow smoothly.

These procedures should be followed by everyone to assure an organized and safe process. Student safety is a top priority of the school, and the car line can be a dangerous place, if we are not all alert, patient, respectful of others, and cooperative. Please adjust your speed to the safety needs of time and place, as required in any school zone.

Please drive forward as far as possible when parking in the inner traffic circle. Do not leave open spaces between vehicles when dropping off or picking up your child. Otherwise, others will be unable to enter the boarding area, slowing down the process. Teachers will accompany your child to your vehicle, as needed. Remain in line until the vehicle in front of yours has pulled forward or a traffic director allows you to pull out. Otherwise, pulling out ahead of others is a potential source of accident.

Please wait until all the children in your vehicle are secured by seat belts before departing. Likewise, upon arrival, be sure to wait until your children have cleared your vehicle, as well as other youngsters within your immediate proximity, before you drive away. On occasion, children will forget to take appropriate safety precautions, so it is imperative that all adults be vigilant at all times. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


1.  Do not exceed a speed of 20 mph since the access road is considered a school zone.

2.  Use your directionals when moving into or out of the parking lot.

3.  Do not block the entrances or exits to the parking lot and the upper half of the traffic circle.

4. Do not attempt to engage in conversation with the staff while in the car line.

5.  Under no circumstances should animals be taken out of cars on the school grounds.

6.  Remain in your vehicle and in the car line while waiting for your child. Do not walk to the pick-up area,  since this adds more pedestrians and increases the potential for accidents. Please do not come to meet your child at the entrance of the locker room or at the class lines in the waiting area.

7.  Please place the colored cards in your dashboard window for faster identification. Write your children’s names and grades on the cards. Bold, large, clear, easy-to-read print quickens the process.

8.  Pull all the way into the pick-up/drop-off area of the traffic circle.

9.  Parents of grades 1-8 should remain in the car line at all times unless directed to enter the parking lot.

10. As instructed by the Hudson Police Department, no one is to park in the outer part of the traffic circle to wait for students. Please enter this area only when proceeding to actually pick up your child. At any given time, there should never be two rows of cars within this area in order to allow for immediate access to the building by rescue apparatus in case of emergency. The wait line begins at the top of the driveway, near the parking lot entrance.

11. Please do not use the Anne Marie House driveway. It is reserved for residents, the Sisters, and the staff. The school will be addressing this matter throughout the year with parents ignoring this rule.



1.     Arrival time for students of grades 1-8 is as follows:

Gr. 6-7-8 enter the building at 7:40am.

Gr. 3-4-5 enter at 7:45am.

Gr. 1-2 enter at 7:55am.

2.   Any student arriving before 7:30am is required to be enrolled in the Before-School Program. These students should enter the cafeteria upon arrival and sign in with the staff in charge.

GRADES 1 – 5     Back of Building

1.   Students may begin arriving at 7:30am and should stand on their class lines while waiting to enter the school building. They should place school bags and other belongings on the ground next to them.

2.   In inclement weather, students arriving at 7:30am and on should enter school by the locker room door upon arrival. They should then proceed to the gymnasium until it is time to enter their classrooms.

 GRADES 6 – 8     Front of Building

Parents of 6-8th grade students are asked to drop off their children (including younger siblings) at the front entrance of the building. Teacher supervision will be provided. Dismissal procedures continue for grades 6-7-8 at the front of the building, except for those who ride the buses. They will wait at the back of the building.

 KINDERGARTEN-Front of Building

1.   Kindergarten students who arrive early (before 8:00am) must enter the Before-School Program, according to arrangements made with Ms. McManus, Program Director. Please come to the back of the building to drop off your child, using the cafeteria entrance. Between 7:30am and 8:00am, if you are using the before-school program, you must park in the parking lot and walk your child to the cafeteria.

2.   For all other Kindergarten students being dropped off at 8:00am, YOU MUST USE THE MAIN ENTRANCE AT THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING.


1. Parents who arrive before 8:00am and are using the Before-School program must bring their children to the cafeteria, according to arrangements made with Ms. McManus, Program Director. Please follow procedures as in Kindergarten, # 1.

2. Other students will be dropped off at the back of the building in the inner part of the traffic circle at 8am, when the Pre-K teachers come out to meet the children for drop-off. Upon arrival, form a waiting line that follows the back row of the parking lot and advance into the circle as drop-off begins at 8am.


Each child has received a color-coded card for you to use at dismissal (Pre-K and K, please use card in the morning also.)   Please place the card/s in your front windshield, passenger side, so that staff members can more easily identify the grade level(s) you are picking up and thus direct you more quickly into the circle or parking lot. Parents with children in more than one grade will receive a different color for each level. Please tape them together, so that they are all visible. The color code is as follows:

Pre-K/3:   green            

Pre-K/4:     purple                     

Kindergarten: pink          

Grade 1: yellow

Grade 2: blue                   

Grade 3: pink

Grade 4: orange                    

Grade 5:  purple                             

Grades 6, 7, 8:  red

Parents should write each child’s name and grade on the appropriate card to make it easier for the staff to locate their child/ren in the waiting area. Bold, dark lettering makes for easier reading on the part of the staff supervising the carline.

PRE-K (1:55), KINDERGARTEN (2:00), GRADE 1 (2:10) AND GRADE 2 (2:15)

The traffic circle is reserved for student pick-up only. DO NOT PULL INTO THAT AREA UNLESS YOUR CHILD IS ACTUALLY IN THE BOARDING AREA WAITING FOR YOUR VEHICLE.   Therefore, please remain where you are in the car line until you physically see your child outside in the waiting area with his/her class. At that point, you may proceed to the boarding area IF THERE IS AN OPEN SPACE AVAILABLE THERE. Follow the flow of the traffic. Once your child is in the vehicle, you must immediately drive off the premises or proceed to the parking lot to wait for older children.

GRADE 3 (2:20), GRADE 4 (2:25) AND GRADE 5 (2:30)

Parents of children in these grades should remain in the carline down the right side of the driveway. As the line proceeds forward, if your child’s class has not yet come out to the pick-up area, you will be directed to enter the parking lot and wait in the first row. Parents should then follow the procedures as explained in the section for Grades 1 and 2.

GRADES 6, 7, AND 8 (2:35)

Junior High students are to be picked up at the front of the building. If parents are picking up Junior High students with younger siblings, the younger siblings will be brought to the front of the building by a staff member. Parents will be able to pick up students in one spot.


  • Do not block intersections.
  • Do not enter into the pick-up area unless you are actually picking up a child.
  • Be courteous and patient.
  • Be observant for children or other vehicles when pulling out of lines.
  • Use the color-coded cards.
  • Do not walk across the grassy circle; use the crosswalk.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended if it is in the flow of the carline. If you need to leave your vehicle, find a parking spot in the parking lot.
  • Do not delay your child from getting out of the car when in the traffic circle to give last minute instructions, write notes, fill out lunch orders, etc. Instead, move into the parking lot to complete these tasks.

Please make sure each morning before arrival that your child has very clear and definite instructions as to what he/she is to do at dismissal that day: get in carline, take the bus, stay for a specific after-school activity, or go to the after-school program. Otherwise, at dismissal, there are mix-ups that definitely disrupt the flow of the car line, while the staff tries to locate the child in some other area of the school. If the child is not there, please move immediately to the parking lot until he/she has been located.

After 2:45 pm, the traffic circle is reserved for the after-school program pick-up. Other parents coming to pick up students for other after school activities, such as choir, sports, tutoring, art, Battle of the Books, Brownies, Girl Scouts, etc., should drive to the front of the building, as children will be dismissed there.

During the winter months, procedures may change for Kindergarten and the Junior High, but specific instructions will be sent beforehand to the parents with children in these grades.

These procedures are for the safety of all, and it is imperative that all adults be vigilant at all times. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kim Flint at the school office or email Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.