If you have not been here in a while, the school looks amazing! We have added a turf field with bleachers and lights for soccer, lacrosse and softball. In addition, we have added a second PreK Three Year old class and a third First grade class. Our enrollment continues to grow! We are raising money to build a gymnasium/arts center. This addition will allow us to expand our physical education, art and music curriculums as well as have a place for the entire student body to gather for school wide events and assemblies. Come to the reunion and see how we have grown.

Check out our latest newsletter. Have you won an award? Gotten married? Celebrating a special anniversary? Drop us a line! We would love to include you in the newsletter. You can view them all here on our website. If you have not received any of them, let us know.

We have lost touch with some of our Alumni. If you are in contact with any of them, tell them we say hello and share our contact form. You can find our contact form here. Fill it out and send it to us. All information can be emailed to Mary McManus at mmcmanus@pmaschool.org or mailed to Presentation of Mary Academy, Alumni Office, 182 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH 03051.

PMA 1965 Graduates

  • 1965    Cynthia Arnold
  • 1965    Doris Bergeron
  • 1965    Julliette Boisvert
  • 1965    Louise Charbonneau
  • 1965    Joanne Cote
  • 1965    Therese Dufresne
  • 1965    Beatrice Hatfield
  • 1965    Denise Lavallee
  • 1965    MaryAnne Lesiczka
  • 1965    Collette Levy
  • 1965    Lucille Pelletier
  • 1965    Suzanne Poulin
  • 1965    JoAnn  Robert
  • 1965    Nancy Sheppard
  • 1965    Ann Marie Sikora

PMA 1990 Graduates

  • 1990    Kristin Anzalone
  • 1990    Lisa Bergeron
  • 1990    Jennifer Cote
  • 1990    Renee Giusti
  • 1990    Beth Hassey
  • 1990    Andrea Krukonis
  • 1990    Micheline Lacerte
  • 1990    Karen Lake
  • 1990    Anne MacArthur
  • 1990    Erin McLaughlin
  • 1990    Tricia Mellor
  • 1990    Michelle Murphy
  • 1990    Mara Stein

Alumni 2015 Reunion Invitation PDF