The Christmas Concert is on Wednesday, December 13.  The 1 pm show will be for Friends and Relatives and the 6:30 pm show for Parents.  The Junior and Senior Choirs will perform at BOTH shows.  The PMA Band (Experienced band only) will also perform at the 6:30 pm show.
Students will need to arrive at 6 pm dressed and ready to perform.  We will send out notices to each group with the details of where to report, where to pick up and so on.
The Senior Choir will be in full dress uniform to be provided by PMA. The girls should have black tights and black ballet flats. Girls should also have a black thin strapped undergarment. Boys should have black socks and shoes.
The Junior Choir and Exp. Band should wear black bottoms, black shoes and white long sleeve shirt/blouse.  A previous notice went out about the general style of skirt and shoes that are needed for the girls.  Boys should wear a festive Christmas tie of their choosing.
Please contact the school office with questions.