Hello Presentation of Mary Parents,

My name is Nicholas Colvin and I am a sophomore at Windham High School.  I am excited to have been given the opportunity by Sister Maria to come in and speak on January 3rd to your junior high students about an exciting Mission Trip that I have participated in that travels with St. Matthews to the Dominican Republic.  During these mission trips the groups build gravity-based aqueducts and host medical clinics in the Western Mountains of the DR.  To date, the groups have successfully installed 9 aqueducts and will be returning in February to continue this work.  Last year I even got to travel with one of Presentation of Mary’s amazing teachers, Val Bauer.  My hope is that I can give your student a better understanding of what it means to do community service as a student and how the work does not only benefit those that we serve but can also really benefit ourselves.  I think that many students think of community service as a burden and I hope to dispel this myth.

In addition to speaking about the mission, I will also be telling them about the complimentary charity that my brother, Zac Colvin, and I have been running for the past 2.5 years.  To date we have provided over 525 lights to families so that they will have light for the next 3 to 7 years. This is an essential tool that allows them to see after dark and minimize the use of candles that have been responsible for multiple fires in homes. This year we are also expanding our donations to include water bottles to distribute at a school that recently opened.   The people we provide these to are truly the unserved and they are so grateful.  I am hopeful that you may take a few minutes with your child after the presentation and ask them about the work we do and consider a small donation to help us achieve our goal of bringing 300 more solar lights this year.  Donations can be made by writing a check out to St. Matthews and noting on the check DR Lights.  Sister Maria has offered to have her classroom teachers collect these donations from January 3rd through the 12th. In addition to your donation, Sister Maria has graciously offered to match your donations up to $500.  With your help I am confident that we can reach this goal. You can also learn more about our mission trip by viewing our website https://sites.google.com/view/jocarivervalley-dr-mission/home. During our mission trip this year which takes place from February 22 through March 2nd we will be sending one message a day via a satellite texting device to update our followers on the work we are doing and where we are. We would love you to follow our travels by visiting website daily during this.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions your may have.

Nic Colvin