Participation in the summer reading program is mandatory for all students entering grades 1 through 8.  Much care has been taken to assure that the expectations for each grade are appropriate to the students and provide for the different reading levels and interests of the students, as well as literary value. We hope our students will enjoy their summer reading books and find pleasure in the adventures they read about.

At each grade level, there is a reading list and instructions form.  There is a report that must be completed for some or all of the books they will read.

Upon our return to school for the 2021–22 school year, your child must bring the completed reading assignments to his/her teacher during the first week of school.  Your child’s work will be graded on the completion and the quality of the work handed in.  The mark will become part of the first quarter grade for reading/literature.

Grade 1 Reading List and Instructions-Gr. 1    Reading Log-Gr. 1   Book Report Form-Gr. 1   Saint Report-Gr. 1

Grade 2 Reading List and Instructions-Gr. 2    Saint Book Report-Gr. 2   Second Book Report-Gr. 2

Grade 3 Reading List and Instructions-Gr. 3    Book Report Form-Gr. 3    Saint Book Project-Gr. 3

Grade 4 Reading List and Instructions-Gr. 4   Book Report Form-Gr. 4    Biography Report Form-Gr. 4

Grade 5 Reading List and Instructions-Gr. 5   Saint Book Report Form-Gr. 5 Reading Response Web-Gr. 5

Grade 6 Reading List and Instructions-Gr. 6    Saint Book Report-Gr. 6

Grade 7 Reading List and Instructions-Gr. 7    Book Report Form-Gr. 7

Grade 8 Reading List Instructions-Gr. 8      Book Report Form-Gr .8

For information regarding Summer Reading programs beyond your child’s classroom assigned Summer Reading, please contact librarian Mrs. Glasheen at sglasheen@pmaschool.org.