This campaign represents the next exciting chapter in PMA’s strategic plan for growth. The initial part of our plan was athleticfield2accomplished in 2012 upon the installation of our athletic field, the only regulation-sized artificial turf field in Hudson, New Hampshire. With our capital campaign, we will build the state-of-the-art Thompson Center for Athletics and Performing Arts.  The expansion and renovation plan will positively affect each component of our school’s mission, allowing the school to enhance its educational, spiritual, and extra- curricular offerings while strengthening PMA’s reputation as one of the finest Catholic schools in Southern New Hampshire.

As PMA has grown and changed, the need for a modern gymnasium and arts center is abundantly clear. Our current gym dates back to 1928 and our Alumni Hall, with a seating capacity for only 180 students, is far too small for our 509-member student body. Our new facility will meet our current and future student athletes’ needs, providing adequate space for practices and regulation competition. Our new facility will also allow us to offer hands-on training and community events involving music, dance and theatre. Currently, any event involving the school community requires either limited attendance or multiple sessions, dividing students in attendance according to grade level. With the expanded capacity, our entire community will be able to gather together in one space at the same time.

RaisedHandsIn addition to the students’ benefits, the new facility will provide additional revenue in terms of increased enrollment, retention of current students and increased rental opportunities. PMA will be glad to open its doors to the local community as it will be able to host various performing arts and athletic events, as well as other school activities at both the elementary and high school levels.

We are committed to remaining a fresh, relevant, and dynamic institution that honors and remains true to its Catholic heritage and traditions. We also believe that learning does not stop at the classroom door and seek to provide as many after-school enrichment and interscholastic athletic and performing arts opportunities as possible to complete our program. As the noted educator Peter Barrett has said, “The settings we create for our young people must reflect the esteem in which we hold them.” The new Thompson Center for Athletics and Performing Arts will offer clear evidence of our commitment to our greatest asset, our children. We seek to ensure that we offer a well-rounded and rich experience for our children.

We plan to build upon our legacy of excellence…to build a legacy of excellence beyond academics.