Tuition at PMA is set on an annual basis, based on the school’s operating budget.  Tuition pays for approximately 72% of all operating expenses.  The remaining 28% is collected through fundraising and development efforts.

Tuition Letter 2021-22 (PDF)
Tuition Agreement Form 2021-22 (PDF)


Smart Tuition Plan is an automatic payment plan that provides parents with a convenient and a low-cost way to budget tuition payments.  Equally important, it removes the school from the direct bill collecting process.

NEW families:

CURRENT families-to access your existing account


1) Full tuition payment on August 1 (2% discount) through Smart Tuition.

2) Ten or twelve month payment option through Smart Tuition beginning on July 1.

If the Smart Tuition account becomes past due after the first month, a notice will be sent.  The payment is due within seven days after receipt of the notice.  If payment is not possible, an appointment with the Principal is necessary to discuss the situation.


In addition to the non-refundable registration fee, the following policy for withdrawal of a student is in effect:

  1. One fourth of the total tuition cost will be charged to the family for withdrawal between July 1 and the end of first marking period.
  2. One half of the total tuition cost will be charged to the family for withdrawal between July 1 and the end of second quarter.
  3. Three quarters of the total tuition cost will be charged to families for withdrawal between July 1 the end of third quarter.
  4. 100 % of the total tuition will be charged to families who withdraw after the third quarter.

The rationale behind this policy is as follows: the school loses the opportunity to place another family in that spot.  Once class lists are filled in the early spring, families unable to obtain admission at PMA find it necessary to make alternate arrangements for their child.    In addition, the Finance Committee must make budget decisions early in the winter, based on the projected number of families expected to attend PMA.


Every family at PMA is required to participate in the school’s fundraising endeavors.  Families may opt out of participating in fundraising events by “buying out” of their fundraising obligation.  The family who chooses to “buy-out” of fundraising events will be billed at the beginning of the school year for the designated yearly fundraising fee.  The buy-out option is a fair and equitable practice for all families and guarantees a predictable source of income for the school.

Option 1:  In lieu of participating in fundraising activities, each year a family may make a one-time “buy-out” payment to the school by August 1.

Option 2:  For the convenience of families, a variety of fundraisers will be specifically designated as the annual (buy-out). A family may choose one or more of these in order to meet its goal. Parents will be billed in May on their Smart Tuition account for the difference between the amount they raised and the fee set in September.  Not all fundraising activities qualify as buy-out fundraisers.

The following list of fundraising activities are credited towards buy-out fees:

  • Grocery Store Gift Cards:  (Shaws, Hannaford, etc.)
    September 1 through May 15; 5% of total sales applied towards fundraising fee
  • Scrip Gift Cards:  over 200 gift certificates to local merchants, restaurants, retailers
    September 1 through May 15; 2%-16% of total sales applied towards fundraising fee
  • Christmas Lottery Cards
    November/December; 25% of total sales applied towards fundraising fee
  • Spring Walk-a-thon
    April/May; 25% of funds raised applied towards fundraising fee

Buy-out fundraising activities may vary from year to year.


Limited financial aid is available to families with children who have been enrolled at PMA for at least one year and who cannot afford the full tuition fee.

How to Apply for Financial Aid?

Let us know that you are applying for financial aid. To indicate this, you must put your request in writing to the attention of the Principal, no later than February 15 of the current year. A financial aid application will be sent to you as soon as we receive your written request. Complete the application and return it to the Principal with the appropriate requested information no later than March 30. Requests received after the March 30 deadline will not be accepted. Financial Aid will be awarded once the review committee looks at the application, no later than April 30. Every family that receives Financial Assistance will be required to give back to the school community in some form of volunteer capacity. A form indicating how you wish to give back to the school will be sent to you with your Financial Aid Assistance approval. Generally speaking, we ask families to give back to the school 4 hours of service for every $100 of financial aid that the child/ren receives. For example, if you are awarded $400 we ask that you donate 16 hours of volunteer service to PMA, etc.


Special Circumstances for Tuition Payment: 

  • In a case where parents have separate homes, PMA asks one parent to be responsible for the tuition payment.
  • Any payment returned for insufficient funds by Smart Tuition must be remitted to the school with a cashier’s check or a money order.
  • Post-dated checks are not accepted for any account.
  • Outstanding fees not collected by the last day of school will be submitted to the Nashua Small Claims Court by June 30.
  • The school reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw his/her child if the tuition fee or other fees are not paid on time.
  • If a parent withdraws a child from the school and has an outstanding balance or unpaid fees, the school may withhold his/her report cards, diploma, and/or cumulative records until all such amounts are paid in full.  Health records will be forwarded to the receiving school.


It is the parent’s responsibility to advise the Principal if there are any problems with maintaining payment of fees on time. Failure to pay fees or tuition in a timely manner can result in:

  1. the withholding of records (including progress reports, report cards, or transcripts);
  2. the refusal to permit a child to re-register for the following year;
  3. a child’s immediate dismissal from school.


PMA may withhold the release of report cards, progress reports, and transcripts if parents have outstanding fees for the following: tuition, damaged, or lost books, Extended Day Care services, and/or any other fee owed to the school.


Parents of students transferring from PMA must notify the Principal of the date of the child’s withdrawal from school and the name of the school to which his/her educational records are to be sent.  All financial obligations to PMA must be met before records will be transferred to another school. Parents must sign a release form prior to records being forwarded to the new school.