sign5 copy1Volunteers comprise a valuable segment of our school family. Their talents in various areas often complement the expertise of the school staff and can enrich our many programs. It is essential that volunteers keep in mind the importance of their role and be professional and discreet when working with students and teachers. Observations made and information learned about individuals or classes while serving as a volunteer should not be shared or discussed with anyone other than the school personnel responsible for the wellbeing of that segment of the school population. Confidentiality is a must on the part of all volunteers, coaches, and chaperones.

All volunteers, coaches, and chaperones must fulfill certain requirements mandated by the Diocese of Manchester before they will be allowed to interact with the students. Each of them must follow the Diocesan workshop, Safe Haven, and undergo a criminal background check through the school office. They must also attend the volunteer-training program offered by the school at the start of the school year.

All volunteers who work regularly with minors in the Diocese of Manchester and volunteer at PMA, must fulfill the following requirements: