Before-School Program

The Before-School Program is required of ALL students arriving before their scheduled carline begins. The program starts at 6:30am and the students remain with the adult in charge until carline begins for their grade. (Grades 1-8 begins at 7:30am, PreK and Kindergarten 8am.) The fee for the Before-School Program is $8 per child per day.

After-School Program

The program provides a supervised framework for academics, crafts, creative activities, games, and recess for students. Enrollment and emergency contact forms must be returned to the school office along with the appropriate registration fee per family prior to attendance. Parents are encouraged to register their children for the program in case of emergency and unforeseen circumstances.

All Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are escorted to the program after their class is dismissed for the day. Grades 1-8 are closely monitored to ensure they make their way to the designated area. Students who are not picked up promptly at dismissal are accompanied to the After School Program. 

Students are required to sign in, and the time is recorded when they are picked up by an authorized adult. Any student who signs in and whose parent/guardian does not sign out will be charged the maximum daily fee.

pickup between 1:45pm – 4pm is $15 per child per day
pickup between 4:01pm – 6pm is $20 per child per day
After 6pm $1 extra per minute

Example: Monday & Tuesday: pick up at 3:30pm will be $15.00 per day
Wednesday: pick up at 5:00 pm will be $20.00. Thursday/Friday not needed.
Total weekly charge: $50.00

A student, who attends other after school activities such as sports, art, drama, etc., must be picked up promptly at dismissal from that activity. Those students who remain beyond the appointed dismissal time will be required to attend the After-School Program and will be charged a fee appropriate to the time of pick-up.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students who attend After-School only from the dismissal of their class until pick-up with an older sibling by 2:30pm, pay a one-time fee of $125 per year. Fees are determined in June prior to the new academic year. This provides supervision of the younger student until the older sibling is dismissed. 

Sibling Registration Form

There is no After-School Program on early dismissal days and no Before-School care on mornings when the school has a delayed opening.

Registration and Billing Process

We provide online billing through Blackbaud. Before/After school charges will show weekly and will be cut off on the 15th of each month and the prior 4 weeks will be due the following month. (Example: Your October payment will include charges for before/after school for weeks ending 8/28, 9/5, and 9/12.) If you pay your tuition through monthly payments, these charges will be combined with your regular monthly tuition payment. You will have the flexibility to manually make weekly payments on your account by either calling Blackbaud, make a payment on your mobile device or send a check directly to PMA. Students with delinquent accounts will not be allowed to attend these programs until payment is made. The annual Blackbaud fee of $41 will be charged with your first monthly charge. If you are paying your tuition monthly you have already paid this annual fee.

Delinquent Payments: Blackbaud will contact the primary account holder by telephone and email if your account becomes delinquent. A $40 fee will be assessed to your account if your account is not brought current.

Bank Fees: In the event that your payment fails, a $25 Bank Fee will be posted to your account.

You may also call Blackbaud at (888) 868-8828.